Those involved with Chameleon Not just for Kids Books
come from very diverse backgrounds but all have the desire to
introduce young children to the fun of reading and learning.
Aileen Edwards - Author
Aileen Edwards is a retired microbiologist. Most of her working life was spent in her home country, Scotland, with a short spell in Montreal, Canada, and a brief period in Kaduna, Nigeria. Aileen Edwards is married with two children and three grandchildren. Now that she is retired her hobbies are gardening and writing children’s stories. Many of her kids stories are based on nature and, when her sister put her in touch with illustrator, Judy Maré, in Cape Town, South Africa, these children’s stories took on a new dimension and came to life. Children’s development and education are very important to her and she hopes her kids stories will engage them in this process and make reading and learning fun. Many of her stories are written in rhyme, which young children are known to enjoy, but she hopes they will appeal not just to children but to their parents and grandparents as well.

Judy Maré - Illustrator and Author
Judy Maré was born and schooled in Zimbabwe and trained as a Graphic Designer at Michaelis Art School, UCT, South Africa. Living in beautiful Cape Town, Judy Maré is married with two children and has always enjoyed children’s books and toys. She started work in fashion advertising and toy packaging but specialising in illustration, she has now been freelancing for over 30 years, with time spent working in New York and London. The last ten years Judy Maré has concentrated mainly on children's educational books with her illustrations appearing in over 80 publications. She regularly illustrates for Envirokids, the children’s magazine associated with Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa. Judy Maré has also illustrated My first book of Southern African Seashore Life and My first book of Southern African Ocean Life published by Random House Struik.

Liz McKenzie - Author
Liz McKenzie is a teacher by profession. On her retirement after 30 years of teaching children in 4 different continents she exchanged the classrooms for the open bushveld and a land rover and began teaching children of all ages about conservation of the land and the behaviour of all those creatures great and small that are to be found in our game reserves in South Africa. Storytelling is second nature to her and she has been sharing her stories since she was a child. Liz believes that not only do children absorb knowledge when listening to stories, they enhance their concentration and comprehension skills while being entertained, and children too will be encouraged to weave their own stories together. Liz has learned so much from the questions children ask which lead her to look into a way to answer children by writing Mystery of the Missing Spots.

Marina Rust-Evans - Author
Marina Rust-Evans is a South African farmer, musician, animal-lover, mother and certified Natural Health Practitioner. She studied agriculture, tourism, natural health and obtained her BA French language and music degree at Stellenbosch University in the Western Cape where she lives on a farm with her family, husband, daughter Annabella and their animal children, one being the famous MooMoo. Her life has always been closely associated with nature and animal life. She has co-created two children’s books of a real-life story of adventures with the bullock MooMoo. She rescued him in 2006 and has been caring for him like her own child since. Her life purpose is to contribute to a movement to awaken humanity’s connection to self and to nature. With her books she wants to encourage a positive transformation towards a healthy planet for future generations and a kinder world for all animals inspired by positivity and love.

Janine Maré - Online Consultant
Janine Maré excelled in English at high school and went on to study her Bachelor of Arts in Film and Media with a major in writing. Janine Maré has worked as a freelance graphic designer and copywriter for a number of years and has been involved in the writing and development process for a number of ghost blogs, screenplays, articles and other media initiatives. Janine Maré currently works as copy writer, editor and product developer for a South African based tour operator. Janine Maré also freelances for Chameleon Not Just For Kids Books as an online consultant, blogger and social media professional.

Bryony Van Wyk - Design Consultant
Bryony Van Wyk grew up with biologist parents, who are also authors, photographers and illustrators, so it was only natural that she gravitated to the design and publishing field. She has worked on numerous publications, including Africa Geographic and African Birdlife, but now freelances as a designer. With a young family Bryony Van Wyk has discovered the enjoyment of educating young minds with her artwork and has her own range of children’s designs, Heartstrings.

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Margy Wakefield
Margy Wakefield and her grandchildren love Chameleon Books with their captivating stories and thought provoking conservation themes. She is delighted to assist in circulating the books far and wide.  Living and working in the UK she is the overseas link championing the cause of raising sufficient funds in order to reduce the unit cost of the books.  A networker at heart, not by profession, she is enjoying being part of 'Team Chameleon'.  Google Margy Wakefield on her Linkedin profile for more on her professionally.